Senior housing placement service


What We Do

All About Care specializes in creating successful transitions with In-Home Care and Senior Housing Placement Services. We provide guidance and support to families searching for Senior Housing options at NO COST to you.

Our Senior Care Advisors have over 30 years-experience helping families make sense of complex eldercare issues. Our team can serve as a Liaison between Family Members, Doctors and Communities while facilitating a successful transition back home or into a senior care community.  

We serve you in a way that best meets your needs with compassion and integrity.

Interview and Intake: 

We work with the client, family members, guardian, power of attorney either over the phone or on-site to gather information and assess your care needs, lifestyle preferences, interest and financial resources. 

Research & Recommendation: 

Once the necessary information is gathered, we tailor our recommendations to fit your short and long-term care & housing needs.

This may include recommending and facilitating In-Home 1 on 1 care or prescreening a couple of appropriate Adult Family Homes, Assisted Living or Memory Care Communities to tour.

Touring Communities: 

Once the Care Advisor has created a short list of communities to tour, we will accompany and guide you through the process of asking questions you may not have thought of yourself. With our experience in the industry, we will help save you time and provide support as you determine which option is best for you or a loved one.

Transition and Follow-up: 

We are there every step of the way to assist with a smooth transition. Our Care Advisors can assist with coordinating a private nursing assessment which is required to move into an Adult Family Home, or connect you with a Mover, Medical Equipment, Attorney, Realtor and Transportation.

Once a place has been selected and the client has moved, your Care Advisor will follow up with the client, family member and the community within 72 hours after placement and again in 30 days to make sure things are going well and everyone is happy and comfortable with the arrangement. If there are issues, we are happy to help recommend ways to resolve them.

AAC Procedures: 

AAC manages detailed information about numerous senior housing and care providers in the greater Puget Sound area. When touring communities, we have prescreened for you, we will inform you in writing or electronically when is the last time we toured a community and if there are any enforcement letters and citation on record with DSHS. 

AAC Fees:

All About Care’s placement services are at NO cost to you. AAC may receive a fee from the community. We calculate our one-time placement fee on the rent and care charged by the community for 30 days.  No referral placement fee is collected for clients receiving Medicaid benefits. 

We will refund the community a prorated portion of the fee in the event the client is transferred to another community, is hospitalized, or passes away with in the first 30 days of admission. 

The care providers do NOT upcharge you for the service we provide. They feel it’s a valuable service because they know how hard we work to match the needs of the client having to move to a place we tour. 

The final decision is ultimately made by the client or family members which community they want the next place you or your loved one to live.

On occasion, All About Care will sign a contractual agreement with clients or their family for private pay consulting to locate appropriate care and housing options.

We require a $600.00 retainer for 6 hours of service to the client, billed at a rate of one hundred dollars per hour which is non-refundable. The average consulting time runs 6 to 10 hours, and any remaining balance will be invoiced to the client or family member once client moves or start services from the care provider.

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