All About Care is your eldercare provider serving you and your loved ones with caregiver services such as in home nursing, assisted living, senior housing placement, and more by our qualified nursing and caregiving staff. If you are in the greater Seattle, Everett, or Mount Vernon areas, call or message us today.

Hiring a Caregiver and/or Nurse

All About Care provides two different options for you to choose from when you are ready to engage a caregiver or nurse for in-home assistance and/or private nursing duty. We can either act as a registry or as an agency.

If you decide to have All About Care act as a registry, this means that the caregiver/nurse is an independent contractor paid directly by you and All About Care receives a commission for placing them with you.

If you decide to have All About Care act as an agency, this means that the caregiver/nurse is an employee of All About Care and you pay fees directly to All About Care.

Regardless of whether you choose to engage us as a registry or agency you can be confident that All About Care has rigorously pre-screened all of our candidates. You will receive a care coordinator to ensure that your needs are consistently met with the highest possible standard of care.

For service and pricing options, please contact us directly. You can use our online form or you can call us at 425-678-8400 to find out which option is the best fit for you and your unique situation.